Fall In Love With Cider by Drinking Real Cider

Craft cider, like craft beer and gin has made it’s move towards the upper end of the market. Small producers are shaking up the cider industry with a focus on producing real cider with real apple juice, simple really. Offering cider that is 100% fermented apple juice, rather then the industrial made cider that is produced with a minimal juice content, which can be as low as 35%. Can the same be said about wine…an alcoholic beverage made by using grapes – No! So why do we allow cider, a drink which has been enjoyed in our country for hundreds of years, to cut corners? The fruit plays the biggest part in it’s identity, so is it not obvious that one with 100% of fermented apple juice will have more character then one with about 65% less.

So that beg’s the question, what else does it contain? Well, those ciders can be made up all sorts of things that we can’t read about on the label, as alcohol above 1.2% doesn’t need to list it! These can include a long, uninviting list of flavourings, colourings, concentrate and artificial sweeteners. So for me, it’s an easy choice between the two types of cider.

Customers are more conscious and curious about their products these days and with craft cider, it makes it that bit easier to promote and sell. Consumers want to discover products that are unique and give them a rewarding experience. Craft cider has evolved to offer a true cider experience, which can fulfil those needs. Craft basically describes a more challenging, complex product which is on trend and with that, education can play an important part in understanding the different styles and tapping into their customers’ requirements.

Within the UK, cider is being crafted from Cornwall to Kent and all are offering something different with their range of varieties and philosophy. For instance, in Herefordshire, the cider is light and brisk, though the best is nutty and mellow. Devonshire cider is heavier and sweeter and often luscious as honey, ect. These small cidermakers are bringing back geographical variations in styles of cider, proving that cider can be more expressive and complex. They are giving their apples a little bit more personality and a bit more of a stage to shout about it’s qualities. Cider has it’s swagger back, it’s just finding the right stuff!


If your establishment is looking for craft ciders, then do get in touch and we can help point you in the right direction.

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