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Ramborn, Luxembourg

Now we know British cider is the bee’s knees and has so much heritage, which is why 95% of our range is made up of it, but every once and a while we come across something unique, which leaves us wowed! Ramborn did just that a few months ago with their original and their perry, two beautiful beverages which are very elegant in style, carrying good fruit and great balance. In my opinion, everything that you would want in a cider or a wine for that matter. So here we are now a few months on from our first Ramborn tasting experience and we are delighted to announce that we are now the exclusive distributors for Ramborn in the UK.


The cidery is located in Born, a small village based on the river Sauer, which is right on the border with Germany, North-East of Luxembourg city. Ramborn were Luxembourg’s first cider company and in doing so, have taken advantage of all the traditional orchards dotted around the country. They currently work with over 100 farmers to help revive, maintain and improve them, paying a fair price for the fruit. Traditional varieties, unique to the region play a big part in their range of blended ciders and single varietal ciders. These include the likes of Boskoop, Bohnapfel, Porzenapfel, Luxemburger Triumpf and Luxemburger Renette. By sticking to their Luxembourg roots, they have created some special beverages which have not only blown us away, but it seems a lot of the judges at various cider awards around Europe including gaining a Gold at SISGA and Best International cider of 2016.


Luxembourg has been highly regarded for it’s wines for some time now and it seems now that, thanks to Ramborn, their cider is making big waves in the industry around Europe. If you would like to arrange a tasting, then please do get in touch with us here at Crafty Nectar Trade.



Ramborn Original - Ramborn's most popular cider – a crisp, sparkling medium dry cider featuring the Rambo apple, blended with other traditional varieties such as Boskoop, Bohnapfel and Porzenapfel.

Ramborn Perry - These traditional pear varieties – including Mostbirne and Nelchesbirne – have been carefully selected and pressed to create a perry rich in tannins, and full of subtle fruit flavour.


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