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We wanted to bring that feeling of relaxed summer holidays in France to the UK. What better way, than to bring what we think is the best Ciders in France across La Manche? So we work with two different cidery's in Normandy, to bring these fine cider's to Britain.

The Louis Dupont Family estate consists of 30 hectares (74 acres) of orchards in Normandy, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge region. They have been producing the finest quality of Cidre for over 125 years.

By drawing on the best techniques used to make cognac and its great blends, Etienne Dupont has studied, tried out and refined his cellar work to reach the same levels of elegance and expressiveness as found in the best wines.

The apples are pressed in a specially modified membrane press normally used in wine making. The grated apples are stirred frequently throughout the slow extraction at low pressures. This technique ensures the skin and pulp are uniformly pressed.

Fermentation continues slowly in the bottle, and the carbon dioxide that is naturally produced is retained by the cork to create the natural effervescence of Cidre.

The other cidery, also in the Normandy countryside, belongs to the Huet family who have been producing the finest quality of Cidre since the mid-19th century. The Cidre is made via a process called Keeving and is 100% natural. We don’t add any nasties to it.

​This region has been making Cidre since the Gauls (that's Asterix and Obelix to me) and that's a lot of 6 Somewheres. The quality is derived from the climate, the soil (Terroir) and a little bit of French "Je ne sais quoi".


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