Secret Orchard Cider

Secret Orchard is the beloved project of old school friends and cider enthusiasts,  Joe Heley and Todd Studley.  
Back in the mid noughties, Joe was working as a tree surgeon and was inspired one day whilst pruning trees in a small traditional orchard on the somerset levels. With the sun shining through the apple trees, creating a vision of biblical proportions, Joe realised he was put on this earth to make cider.  He immediatley set about telling anyone who would listen how much he would love to spend every minute of his life making the finest drink on earth.
No one really took much notice, apart from Todd, who decided it may actually be a bloody good idea.
A couple of years later Joe was still bothering anyone who would listen with his cider preaching, when a chance meeting at a dinner party put in him contact with Tom from Nettlecombe estate, who it just so happened did have some orchards and the apples were going to waste.  A couple of visits and a funding bid later, the boys set about getting set up in a barn and so began their obsession with creating the very best cider possible.
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