Apple Aperitif - Liberty Fields

Liberty Fields Apple Aperitif is made from heritage apples grown in our orchards. The juice is fermented and then matured for six months in oak barrels, before bottling.

The Aperitif has a full-bodied flavour reminiscent of baked apples. Despite its full taste, the Aperitif is quite low in alcohol – at 8% it’s considerably less than a glass of wine. Please note that we don’t use any finings and we don’t filter the Aperitif, and as a result it is naturally cloudy and can throw a sediment.

Served chilled before you eat, but it also goes well with mince pies and fruit cake, or with a plate of cheese after dinner. 

Try serving it with ice (think of chilled sherry) in the summer, at room temperature in the winter, or mixing it with gin and lemonade (1 part gin, 2 parts Aperitif, 3 parts lemonade) for a long summery drink.


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