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Sassy Cider Rosé is gluten-free, 100% natural and made from apples that were organically grown in Château de Sassy’s orchards.

The recipe is a heavily-guarded secret that combines almost twenty different varieties of apple, including the pink-fleshed Geneva Crab that give it its distinct colour.

After finding its way on to the lists of London’s Sexy Fish, Bob Bob Ricard, Nola and Pollen Street Social’s sister restaurant, surely SASSY has earned a space in your home?

"A mix between a sweet and semi-dry cider with balanced fruity, acidic, and deep apple-y flavors. Displays of a smooth and round texture, with a lasting finish" 

Expect subtle hedgerow berries and cherry notes sneak out from behind crisp apple notes. 

Well done friends, Xavier d’Audiffret Pasquier and Pierre-Emmanuel Racine-Jourden for creating this exquisite Rose cider.... this is a delicious summer drink and one to share with your friends in the sun! 

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